High-performance DC motor is ultra-compact

Paul Boughton

Maxon Motor has unveiled a new addition to its range which it believes will be one of the most powerful, versatile and robust DC motors in the world. The RE 50, with a power output of 200W, delivers among the highest levels of nominal torque for its size: up to 0.38Nm from a drive measuring just 50mm diameter by 108mm long. This remarkable performance is achieved by means of a two-pole neodymium permanent magnet, combined with four different versions of Maxon's patented winding technology.
At the heart of the RE 50 is Maxon's ironless rotor that provides exceptionally smooth running due to its minimal inertia.
A low nominal voltage (24-70V DC), an operating efficiency of over 90 per cent, and high power density make the RE 50 a good choice for advanced battery-powered applications such as electric tools, transport and logistics equipment, mobile systems and robotics.
Meanwhile, the proven Maxon modular system means the versatile new drive is compatible with Maxon's gearhead, encoder and control systems, enabling customers to create compact, high-performance drives for automation, mechanical engineering or medical technology.
The motor contains preloaded bearings to reduce vibration and ensure quieter running for a longer service life. Combined with its integral graphite brushes, Maxon believes the new motor to be its most rugged and robust ever. Senior sales engineer Paul Williams says: "The RE 50 is almost certainly the world's most powerful motor for its size. All of that torque in such a tough, compact unit offers engineers who need to maximise reliability and performance a whole realm of new possibilities."
A further, heavy-duty version of the RE 50 is also scheduled for release. It has been designed to satisfy high demands under harsh environmental conditions, meeting protection class IP54, and will come with an additional brake.
For more information, visit www.maxonmotor.co.uk

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