High input voltage DC-DC converters

Paul Boughton

ABSOPULSE Electronics’ HVI 500-D3G series of high input voltage, ultra-rugged, IP66-rated DC-DC converters are designed and built for extreme applications that require a waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof, oil-, fire- and/or explosion-proof solution.

They are typically used in heavy industry, mining, marine, military and power generation and distribution environments.

The 500W converters operate from a 600Vdc input voltage, with a 400V to 800V input range. All critical components on the primary side are designed and tested for corona inception levels that are far higher than the operating voltages. The design is verified for 5600Vdc input to output isolation, and production level testing is 4300Vdc. The converters deliver voltages of 24V, 36V, 48V, 110Vdc, or custom.

The HVI 500-D3G series operates over a -40 to +70°C cold-plate temperature range without de-rating. Cooling is by conduction and convection; no fans are required.

Enclosed in IP66-rated waterproof die cast aluminium packages with sealed connectors, the units are immune to the effects of rain, humidity, sand, dust, oil and other contaminants. The internal converter module is entirely potted with a thermally conductive MIL-grade silicon rubber compound for protection from very high levels of shock and vibration. The converters comply with fire resistance standards and with ATEX explosion protection regulations. IP67-rated protection is available.

The converters utilise ABSOPULSE’s new proprietary KHR 301 topology which enables a significantly more compact construction than earlier high input voltage designs at the same level of output power. The converters measure 360 x 160 x 90mm.