High-end sensors for 3D digitalisation

Paul Boughton

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH is launching the new COMET 6 16M high-end sensor for 3D digitalisation.

The concept of the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 16 M is based on a modular structure with the tried-and-tested single-camera technology so that the measurement field size can be quickly adapted to the measuring task at hand.

The compact sensor design and new handling system guarantee maximum user friendliness and ergonomic operation. The sensor can be adjusted particularly easily, precisely and quickly – allowing the user to operate the system intuitively and conveniently.

In addition, the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 16M is extremely flexible, enabling the user to choose between high-resolution and maximum speed at any time and thus optimum performance for the application. The low working distance even with large measuring fields enables simple, time-saving handling, especially in confined spaces. The ability to simply and quickly change the measurement field makes it easy to adapt the system to the broadest range of objects and uses.

One core element of the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 16 M is the new projection unit, which is distinguished by an extremely bright LED technology and an innovative projection lens. The adaptive projection integrated in the sensor enables adaptation of the projected light to the respective object surface. Undesired effects, such as glare, are thereby minimised.

The new colin3D software for data recording, data processing and for simple data comparison is a powerful expansion for COMET, COMET photogrammetry and T-SCAN sensors.

The program independently identifies the ideal strategies for consolidating individual images (matching) and guides the user to an optimal result using a completely redesigned, project-oriented user interface. Thanks to the new CAD integration, the user receives continual feedback about the component surfaces that still need to be captured.

To quickly and efficiently position the T-SCAN system, the measurement field and scanner can be optionally displayed in colin3D, making it easier to determine the ideal tracker position. Measuring programs for applications using the rotary tables COMETrotary and COMETdual rotary can be easily created and executed. All individual measurements in a measurement sequence are subjected to quality checks and automatically repeated if necessary.

For more information, visit at www.steinbichler.de