High efficiency power chipset

Jon Lawson

Fabless power semiconductor company Helix Semiconductors has started sampling its eMpower HS100 chipset that uses a new technique for higher efficiency power supplies.

The patented MuxCapacitor voltage reduction technology uses a capacitive-based voltage reduction for high efficiency of over 90% even when there is a light load or no load.

This is important for the latest targets for power consumed by electronic appliances in standby mode which have to consume under 5mW.

Converting AC mains to 5VDC, the HS100 enables more than 90 percent end-to-end efficiency from its full load range of 10W all the way down to 100mA, which represents 5 percent of full load.

"We are currently developing future implementations of our eMpower HS100 in smaller geometries, which will open the door for more applications to experience unprecedented power efficiencies,” said Harold A. Blomquist, president and CEO of Helix Semiconductors. “Next-generation products include a 0.18 micron chipset for higher power applications, initially targeting 30W, and a 48V DC-DC device for Power over Ethernet, hybrid electric vehicles and Datacom and telecom applications."

The eMpower HS100 is aimed at a wide variety of markets, including consumer, business, industrial, automotive, and medical.

This can include smart phone chargers, smart outlets, IoT gateways, remote sensors, smoke alarms, smart LED lighting, thermostats, consumer goods, white goods user interfaces and communication systems.