High-density moulded super capacitors

Paul Boughton

Super capacitor manufacturer VINATech has launched a new series of high-density moulded super capacitor modules.

This new EDLC series offers a range of 5v,5.4v and 6v super capacitors in a sealed Epoxy moulded format. This product development brings added advantages to the VINATech EDLC module range by reducing humidity and leakage  with the benefit of reducing potential shorting issues which makes this series more attractive for intrinsically safe environments.

The new E series product is suited for wave soldering and is currently available in 0.5 Farad, 1.5 Farad and 5 Farad options. The 6v series utilises the VINATech 3v series enabling extended working life than standard series with options to enable users to work at 85c with de-rated voltage of 2.3v.

The new RoHS compliant E series is ideally suited for short term peak power assist applications, for fast charge, last gasp and battery back up in telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.