High acquisition rate oscilloscope family expands

Louise Davis

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the new high-performance RTP family, expanding its oscilloscope portfolio. During the development, the firm particularly focused on measurement accuracy, speed, a wide range of functions and future-proof technology. 

The R&S RTP combines signal integrity with a high acquisition rate. In standard acquisition mode, it can measure a million waveforms per second. This helps users to find sporadic errors much faster.

It compensates transmission losses from the signal source to the oscilloscope (de-embedding) in realtime. The advantage is that the it is still extremely fast even with signal correction activated. And thanks to its unique digital trigger architecture, it can precisely trigger on compensated signals.

A further feature is that saves developers a lot of time is hardware acceleration for a range of analysis functions. Mask tests, histograms and frequency domain analyses can be performed at high speed for fast results with high statistical reliability.

Despite its comprehensive range of functions, it is the most compact high-performance oscilloscope on the market, with a footprint up to 40% lower than conventional models. Thanks to the sophisticated cooling concept and the silent fans, the quiet instrument never disturbs lab operations.

Rohde & Schwarz is planning additional enhancements to the R&S RTP family. More hardware options, such as a generator module with two analog and eight digital channels and a 16 GHz differential pulse source, are planned for 2018. Further R&S RTP models with a higher bandwidth will follow in 2019.