High accuracy pressure sensor

Paul Boughton

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the new MPX2053 Series Air Pressure Sensors from Freescale Semiconductor. 

These sensors provide highly accurate pressure readings from 0 to 7.25 PSI (0 to 50 kPa) for applications that demand a high level of accuracy including medical diagnostic equipment such as blood pressure monitors, pump motor control, robotics, and pressure switching.

The new sensor uses a single 10VDC supply voltage and the pressure is represented by a differential voltage measured across two pins. This differential voltage output is directly proportional to the measured pressure. 

The voltage is almost exactly a linear function of the pressure, making it very easy to write code to read the pressure in microcontroller-based systems. On-chip temperature compensation and calibration makes writing code for the MPX2053 even easier.

The pressure sensor is available in two models. The MPX2503GP has a single port and measures gauge pressure, or pressure at the port relative to atmospheric pressure. 

The MPX2053DP has two ports and measures the differential pressure between the two ports. Laser trimming in the manufacturing process allows for precise offset calibration with temperature compensation.

For more information, visit http://www.mouser.com/new/Freescale-Semiconductor/freescale-mpx2053