Heavy-duty position switches for tough conditions

Paul Boughton

The ES/EM 91 DL position switch was developed especially for heavy duty applications, for example in the mining and recycling industries. 

Here the ES/EM 91 DL has to function reliably and in the long term, even in very adverse conditions, for example – changing temperatures, dusty and dirty surroundings, as well as corrosive atmospheres. It is designed to perform more than a million switching cycles. 

The heavy-duty position switch can withstand temperatures of -40 to 85 °C. Its high protection class (IP 66/ IP 67) means that it can also be used in wet and outdoor areas. The switching device is also very robust, as mechanical wear and tear tests in the steute laboratories can testify.

Users can choose from different variants with four or six contacts. The steute range of heavy-duty switchgear includes not only the ES 91 series with slow action, but also the EM 91 series with snap action. Belt alignment switch and emergency pull wire switch variants are also available.

For more information, vist www.steute.com

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