Heating hoses

Paul Boughton

When hot or cold media need to be transported from one part of a device or system to another part, and in the event that the piping cannot be rigidly installed, a flexible heating hose can be used.

In most cases, it is a requirement to maintain the product temperature at a constant level, irrespective of the temperature fluctuations in the system or the ambient temperature.

Hillesheim heating hoses can be used for following applications:

* To keep the media flowing for processing.

* To achieve their optimum characteristics for processing.

* To avoid condensation of gaseous media.

* To process media more efficiently  to ensure uniform quality (robots).

* To enable production or measurement at any location.

* To connect moving parts and equipment.

The fields of applications and branches of the Hillesheim heating hoses are diversified. The heating hoses are used for example in the PU-foam installation, filling and sealing installation, co-extruder, exhaust gas measuring and analysing pipes, hotmelt installation, glue robots, process technology, surface technology, loading and unloading for ships, trucks  and so on.

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