Hard hearts - gearboxes must be reliable and robust

The key component of a drive system is the gearbox. It transmits the power of the motor to the driven machine and ensures the correct speed. The quality of a gearbox is largely determined by the quality of the gearing and the shafts. They form the heart of the gearbox. The planned application plays a decisive role in the design of gearboxes. The specialists need industry experience and a great deal of product knowledge in order to be able to ensure long-term use even with process-specific load peaks due to special events such as a stop of the entire plant or changing materials. Material and manufacturing quality are the decisive factors in the actual production process. Manufacturers such as Flender therefore attach great importance to a completely closed process in-house. Quality also means playing to strengths where they are needed. How does such a production process run under ideal conditions and on the most modern machines?

Flender bevel gear set production – a closed process carried out completely in-house




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