Hands-on advice

Paul Boughton

Hands are incredibly vulnerable in the workplace and are a part of the body that people often actively put into or near high-risk areas. 2012/2013 figures released by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) showed there to be more than 17,400 handling injuries to employees, with 7% being major and more than a quarter being over seven-day injuries. Together with data from 2010/11, where it was reported that 2,987 workers were “injured through cuts from sharp/coarse material or equipment or from trapped fingers”, it’s clear that employees still need to be made aware of the risks and the protective solutions available.

To reduce handling injuries in the workplace, it’s important that suitable protective gloves are worn. As part of its commitment to safety, Arco has produced a dedicated Expert Guide to Hand Protection. The guide will provide customers with an overview of legislation, EN standards and workplace hazards, to assist in the selection of the right protection for the job.

Arco specialises in improving the glove wearing experience by using the latest innovative materials, ergonomic design and offering customers the best brands on the market. Its range includes hand protection solutions for cut resistance, manual handling, chemical protection, food handling and welding protection, through to disposable gloves for contamination prevention. The company’s new Product Assurance laboratory offers customers the reassurance that the products they buy from Arco meet or exceed the current EN standards and offer high-quality protection.

Arco offers independent expert advice on a wide range of innovative gloves for various applications. The Arco team can carry out risk assessments and determine site specific needs; all of which help customers conform to legislation and ensure compliance.

The Arco Expert Guide to Hand Protection can be downloaded free of charge at: www.arco.co.uk/hands  

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