Handling heat with high temperature repair compound

Jon Lawson

Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, has launched Mega Fix-IT HT, a high temperature repair compound. The product is ideal for fast, in situ repairs of industrial plant pipework and equipment in high temperature environments, helping companies reduce downtime and increasing profitability.

Mega Fix-IT HT uses a unique formula with ingredients similar to those found in the latest high tech aerospace adhesives. As a result, the new repair compound offers high strength repairs at temperatures up to 260° Celsius.

Easy to carry and use, the product cures hard enough for engineers to machine or drill the surface. Up to four times stronger than competitor compounds, Mega Fix-IT HT also retains some flexibility, allowing parts to expand and contract under high temperatures.

"One of the biggest problems plant engineers face is making quick repairs to stop plant downtime," explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. "This is why we've developed Mega Fix-IT HT, a repair compound that has an initial cure time of just 60 minutes and after eight hours has similar properties to that of steel.

"While most epoxies weaken above 150°C, Mega Fix-IT HT toughens and retains high levels of bond strength up to its maximum temperature of 260°C."

Many traditional products are supplied in dual compartment cartridges that use inefficient mixing nozzles and expensive applicators, increasing waste and leading to increased costs. Mega Fix-IT HT is a two-part product, comprising a base and activator, supplied in a handy stick format. Both parts are pre-measured so users can just break off the amount required and mix by hand while wearing gloves.

Unlike other high temperature repair compounds that contain titanium, which can become lumpy when mixing, Mega Fix-IT HT uses a unique titanium-free formula, which makes it easier to mix with increased toughness at high temperatures.

After the success of its other high performance stick repair compounds, Mega Fix-IT HT completes NCH Europe's range of repair epoxies designed to cover almost every industrial application

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