Hand-held industrial combustion gas analyser

Paul Boughton

The E1100 Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer is a rugged unit for boiler, burner, engine, turbine, furnace, and other combustion applications. Pre-calibrated and field replaceable sensors allow for easy diagnostics and replacements to reduce 'down-time' and costly repair charges.

The E1100 also includes:

* O2 (0-25%) and CO (0-8000ppm) sensors.
* Efficiency, excess air, and CO2% calculated values.
* Stack gas and ambient air temperature measurements.
* Draft and differential pressure measurements.
* 12-in probe with 10-in dual hose and optional hose extensions.
* Rechargeable battery and AC charger.
* Internal memory (900 tests) to save data.
* Software package with USB and Bluetooth communications.
* Vinyl carrying case with shoulder strap.
For more information, visit www.E-Inst.com

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