Grinding machine produces quality gears

Paul Boughton

Ondrives Ltd has recently taken receipt of a new gear grinding machine which enables them to gear grind to precise measurements.
This new machinery will, says Managing Director, Andy Higgs, take the company to the next level in terms of precision for demanding applications such as aerospace.
The Niles – Kapp ZE400 profile grinding machine produces gears to quality grade 3, DIN 3961/3962/3963 (ISO 3/AGMA 14+) gears from 0.5 Mn to 15Mn (50Dp – 1.69Dp), with 0-400mm tip diameters available as standard. This machine is also equipped for process measurement/inspection.
Ondrives manufactures spur gears, parallel and crossed helical gears, anti-backlash spur gears, pinion shafts, racks, spline shafts, clamps and bushings, worms, wheels and bevel gears.  These are all currently produced to DIN 7 (ISO 7/AGMA Q10) within the standard catalogue range.
Ondrives Ltd will be exhibiting a range of these gears along with their in-house produced gearboxes, which include worm gear reducers, right angle helical reducers and bevel and spur gearboxes, at several different exhibitions throughout the year which include Offshore Europe in Aberdeen on 3-6th September, Motek 2013 on 7-10th October in Stuttgart and Aero Engineering at the NEC, Birmingham on 12-13th November and would be delighted to talk all customers through the range.
Enter √ at www.engineerlive/ede
Ondrives Ltd is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK. 

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