Green hydrogen: A strategic approach

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The green hydrogen market, once poised for rapid progress and high expectations, has recently struggled to see projects make it all the way through final investment decisions. However, this should not be mistaken for stagnation. Instead, it signifies the industry's maturation as it becomes more deliberate and selective in its approach. Despite perceptions of a slowdown, the sector remains dynamic and crucial, continuing to evolve in terms of regulation and policy, and playing a significant role in the global push for sustainability.

Businesses focused on sustainability and decarbonisation should closely follow developments in the green hydrogen market. Companies need to continue to be selective and focused on integrating green hydrogen into their overall plans, assessing how hydrogen can support their decarbonisation ambitions and how they, as corporate players, can support the development of the hydrogen value chain from production to offtake.

Green hydrogen presents both challenges and opportunities that can influence strategic direction and impact sustainability efforts, and should therefore be viewed as one of many levers in a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy, not as a one-size-fits-all solution.