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UK based foundry and machine shop – world leaders in supply to the power generation industry

About Goodwin
Goodwin’s foundry is proficient in the supply of finished machined and pressure tested steel and nickel alloy castings, working in partnership with their sister machine shop Goodwin International (GI). The company was established in 1883 and is retained under common management by the sixth generation of the Goodwin family. 

Goodwin was the first European foundry to receive accreditation to the ISO9001 quality system (then BS5750), followed by accreditation to the Environmental ISO14001 and Heath & Safety OHSAS18001 standards.

The sister machine shop has one of the most comprehensive CNC machining, fabrication, assembly  (100T crane capacity) and inspection facilities in Europe and as well as machining the castings produced by the Goodwin foundry they are able  to  procure, machine and fabricate forgings, pipe work and other associated components to provide finished and assembled components when required.

They are an established supplier of steam and gas turbine equipment such as valves, inner-barrels, HP casings and packing heads to turbine manufacturers in China, Japan, India, Korea, Europe as well as the UK and USA.  The Group have an established apprentice programme  in which the intake is 125 students for the current  four year period.

Steam valves
Goodwin has many years experience in manufacturing, machining and assembling castings for the steam turbine power generation industry from 135 to 1,000MW (1,000 to 50,000kg). Supplying finished and assembled MSV and CV-IV valves worth over $100,000,000 to Chinese turbine manufacturers over a 5 year period.

A unique feature to Goodwin is that they can supply fully assembled valves ready for delivery direct to the power station or the turbine manufacturer.

Castings are produced in CrMo and CrMoV creep resistant steels and in the improved performance 9.5CrMoWNbN steels for super and ultra-supercritical (USC) applications.

Goodwin also produces "next generation" nickel-based super alloy castings for advanced (A-USC) pulverised coal-fired power plants. These plants operate with a live steam temperature of 700°C; the efficiency is then increased from 47% to 55%, resulting in a reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emission of almost 15%.

Nuclear capability
In July 2013 Goodwin Steel Castings  were accredited by ASME (The American Society for Mechanical Engineers) as a Material Organisation (MO) to ASME NCA3800 to supply castings for nuclear applications.

In addition to the ASME Nuclear Quality System Certificate Goodwin also retain Rolls Royce Nuclear Sector Submarine approval manufacture and machining  for steel and nickel alloy castings.

The company  has supplied cast components for primary (class one) and secondary (class two) cooling loops in the form of pumps and valves and also supplied critical duty class one structural components. Often working with tier one suppliers supplying components to propriety military and civil nuclear design such as the AP1000 PWR and Faslane (Scotland) nuclear submarine naval base.  

The  foundry facility produces high integrity castings from 500kg to 15,000kg using secondary AOD refining and have recently constructed one of the largest CNC sawing (3mx3m) and radiography facilities (9.5Mev 10x10x12m) with 70T  lifting capacity facilities in Europe to meet customer nuclear requirements.

Goodwin is partnered with Manchester University (Dalton Nuclear Institute) and Loughborough University (Material Science) in the advancement of material and engineering practices.


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