Going further in 3D metrology

Shining 3D has introduced the latest member of the FreeScan series of handheld metrology 3D scanners: the FreeScan UE.

“Innovatively adapting blue laser 3D scanning technology, convincing with high accuracy and stable repeatability capacities rounded off by easy and convenient hardware and software handling, the FreeScan UE will empower professionals across industries to effectively and precisely upgrade their digital workflows in engineering and inspection tasks,” says Sunny Wong from Shining 3D.

The FreeScan UE has been developed to cater to the needs and requirements of industry professionals and at the same time provide efficient and reliable solutions to tackle the challenges they are facing in their everyday working life. The Shining 3D team has thus developed the latest scanner to foster excellency and high performance even in complex and difficult operation environments, suitable for expert users and beginners alike.

Main features of the FreeScan UE include its high accuracy and stable repeatability. The device is also portable and lightweight. It supports the scanning of black and reflective surfaces to accommodate a wider range of scanning applications. It also boats high efficiency and ease of operation.