Getting flour to the baker

Jon Lawson

Bread is and always has been a staple food all over the world, whether in the form of rye bread, flatbread, baguette, pide, chapatti or toast. After all, what could be more inviting than the wonderful aroma of freshly-baked bread or warm, crusty bread rolls, which are an essential part of many a breakfast? Yet this culinary delight involves a great deal of labor and know-how, and not only on the part of the baker. To produce appetizing baked goods, the baker requires a wide range of ingredients, first and foremost flour, which is generally delivered in a silo vehicle. However, food conveyance technology is subject to special requirements, not only to meet strict hygiene standards but also to maintain product quality. Continental assists in the pneumatic discharging of silo vehicles with high-quality hot-air compressor hoses such as the Silo Airxtreme, which offers reliability and safety even with extremely hot compressed air.

Optimum quality for silo vehicles
Hot-air compressor hoses transport the compressed air generated by the vehicle’s compressor to the silo trailer. The compressor operates continuously to heat itself and therefore also the generated compressed air, which can reach temperatures of between 160°C and 180°C depending on the condition of the compressor and the mounted filter; it is also able to reach higher temperatures in a short space of time. A new type of EPM compound provides the smooth, white, non- porous liner of the Conti Silo Airxtreme with resistance to temperatures ranging from - 40°C to + 180°C, and up to as much as + 240°C for short periods. The reinforcement consists of high temperature-resistant synthetic fibers, while the implanted steel wire helix makes the robust hot-air compressor hose especially lightweight and flexible. The black EPDM hose cover is weatherproof and ozone-resistant.

When used together with the Conti Silo Food, a highly wear-resistant conveyor hose for use with dry foodstuffs such as flour, salt, sugar or grain, the Conti Silo Airxtreme makes the ideal combination for use in silo vehicles.

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