Gearboxes benefit from one-piece casings

Paul Boughton

Nord Drivesystems is extending its family of high-integrity industrial gearbox units, adding high-power models with maximum torque ratings of up to 200,000Nm. The new gearboxes employ Nord's proven Unicase concept, in which the case is a single-piece casting, with all bearing seats integrated and machined in one process. This optimises strength and eliminates sealing surfaces that could deflect under the effect of torque or radial forces — thereby minimising the possibility of oil leakage. The resulting high-integrity gearboxes deliver smooth, low-noise operation with a long operating life.

There are four choices in the new High Power Unicase family, offering maximum torques of 60,000, 90,000, 135,000 or 200,000Nm. Available in helical-parallel shaft or helical/bevel right-angled drive configurations, a very wide range of gear ratios can be specified using two-, three- or multi-stage reductions. The gearboxes are suitable for material handling and processing equipment in applications such as steel manufacture, aggregates, mining and grain handling. The low-loss helical gearing technology means that Unicase gearboxes can deliver energy efficiencies of up to 96 per cent-plus.

The gear units conform to Nord Drivesystems' modular design concept, which provides a plug-together approach to add-ons that makes it extremely simple to configure gearboxes for specific applications. A wide range of accessories includes brakes, backstops, a drywell system, condition monitoring equipment and a choice of cooling systems. Combined with the flexibility to be mounted on six sides or via an optional flange, the gearboxes can be adapted easily to meet customer requirements.

Because of the gearboxes' inherently high efficiencies, Nord Drivesystems expects the units to appeal strongly to the refurbishment and repair market, especially when replacing older relatively inefficient worm gear units. In such applications the energy savings will often provide a payback on the investment within months.

As with all Nord Drivesystems gearboxes, the company's production line is set up for rapid manufacture of application-specific products.

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