Functional safety encoders

Paul Boughton

The new functional safety incremental encoder range from BEI Sensors is certified by TÜV Rheinland and provides the most complete safety encoder offering on the market today. 

These encoders can be used in the highest industrial safety related applications up to SIL3/PLe Cat. 4, and are mechanically and electrically designed to safety standards EN ISO 13849-1, IEC/EN 61 508, and IEC/EN 62061.

The range is offered with a standard Sine/Cosine analogue electronic output or an industry-first for safety encoders; a digital (TTL or HTL) electronic output.

Seven distinct encoder models are available with options to fit a variety of installations. These choices include 58mm or 90mm body sizes, shafted or through shaft styles with cable or connector terminations, resolutions up to 2500 PPR, and a selection of shafts and bore sizes. This product family has aluminium encoder housings for most standard industrial applications, or optional stainless steel housings to withstand harsh outdoor or washdown environments. High ingress protection ratings are available up to IP69K for high pressure and high temperature washdowns.

A number of innovative safety mechanics features have been designed into this new offer to provide greater reliability. These include an additional  bearing in the cover on through shaft models for better overload capability, positive shaft locks to prevent sliding of the encoder on motor shafts, insulated secure sleeves to protect against stray currents,  accurate stator couplings and tether arms for safe mounting on the driving motors.

Safety applications with BEI Sensors products are as simple to implement as any other standard industrial installation. The functional safety encoder range is backward compatible with non-safety related encoders, making it easy to upgrade existing installations.