Fuel for thought

Paul Boughton

Recent diesel fuel legislation changes could have had an impact on your data centre, leaving systems under threat from a new type of bug. This could put your diesel-powered generators and therefore your data security, at risk.

When all else fails, backup power provides the means to deliver the data resilience and uptime that customers demand. 

In a modern world where businesses are required to operate 24/7 (encompassed with the growth of IT systems and the age of the internet), there has been a massive shift towards a data-led, paperless office collaborating in an online virtual world. This in conjunction with the closure of many power plants and a lack of power available from the grid means that electrical power supplies are coming under increasing pressure.

In turn, this is increasing the need for reliable temporary power solutions to keep whole facilities ticking over in the event of power failure.

Yet, how often do you consider the reliability of the fuel that is required to power your diesel generator sets? Put simply, without the right quality of fuel, your critical backup power system may fail to work, putting your entire data centre at a severe and costly risk.

With generators sitting stagnant for so long, there is a very real risk that the fuel they run off can become contaminated – and this means that if the machine does ever have to be used in the event of a power failure, it may not do the job.

Fuel contamination can come from a number of sources and can include water, diesel bug, acids, resins and gums – all capable of blocking filters. Even something as simple as rainwater getting in to a fuel tank can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to equipment, a lengthy cleaning process, and – most worryingly – the failure of a generator that is meant to ensure that power is never lost. 

The answer

Dale Power Solutions is calling on everyone within the industry to give fuel for thought.
•    Think about the financial implications unplanned downtime would cause your business
•    Think about how data unavailability would damage your reputation
•    Think about your cost of fuel wastage
•    Think about the environmental consequences

The good news is the majority of fuel contaminants can be removed and the fuel can be cleaned. Dale Power Solutions offers a wide range of fuel management solutions, offering a range of services from fuel sampling, analysis and comprehensive fuel polishing, to fuel tank cleaning, fuel polishing systems and mobile fuel polishing systems.

We are living in a world fuelled by, and totally reliant on power. Doesn’t it stand to reason that the fuel in your diesel generator should be well maintained, to ensure the generator’s power is available to be called upon in the event of a power outage?

Fuel for thought
For more information on Dale Power Solutions fuel management capabilities download the Dale Diesel Defence brochure here or visit the fuel management page.

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