Free RTOS and middleware evaluation

Paul Boughton

Wittenstein High Integrity Systems has launched a completely free evaluation license for its OpenRTOS CONNECT software package. The licence gives access to High Integrity Systems’ suite of embedded middleware components that vastly simplify development cycles.

OpenRTOS CONNECT contains the OpenRTOS kernel, FAT and USB in a fully integrated package with 'out of the box' functionality. It is ideally suited to industrial, medical, power and consumer applications that run on ARM based processors, including the Cortex-M3 and Arm7.

“There is a frustration within the embedded design community,” said David Brook, head of sales and marketing at High Integrity Systems. “Out of the box functionality, especially when implementing USB and FAT, doesn’t exist unless you have very large budgets. This evaluation licence changes things and vastly simplifies embedded design for the smaller, usually more innovative products.”

The OpenRTOS kernel is fully compatible with FreeRTOS, meaning embedded designers can develop embedded applications on the new generation of 32-bit microcontrollers without incurring licence fees. At the appropriate time users can upgrade to the commercially supported version – OpenRTOS - with the additional components. Full licences for OpenRTOS connect are priced at $8250.

OpenRTOS CONNECT can be downloaded free of charge at