Form-in-place gaskets cure in seconds

Paul Boughton

DELO Industrial Adhesives has developed form-in-place (FIP) gaskets that protecting housing covers from dust, air and water. These new static liquid seal products can be light cured within seconds.

Liquid seals are more advantageous than conventional gaskets in the creation of complex component geometries because they require less process steps, while providing quick machine set-up time and little to no waste.

Products used are often based on silicones or polyurethanes, consisting of two components and curing slowly. Therefore, they are rather suitable for large components or small series.

In addition to such small series, DELO’s PWIS- and solvent-free liquid sealants are for large production volumes as light curing allows for short cycle times and easy automation. In-line checks are also possible, as potential leaks are detected with the help of fluorescent light. As it is not necessary to keep a huge number of seals on stock, storage costs can be cut down.

These run-resistant, high-viscous liquid sealants can be applied onto housing parts in any desired height. Then, they are light-cured within a few seconds without heat input.

Achieving immediate final strength, they enable continuous production and no downtime. The FIP gaskets’ good elasticity offers reliable sealing after joining components together. Its low compression set allows components to spring back after being compressed.

Possible application areas include sealing electronic/household devices like telephone housings and loudspeaker assemblies as well as automotive parts like oil pans, electrical controls, engine covers, pumps, gear parts and door handles.

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