Food tracker ensures food safety

Louise Smyth

A range of Fluke Process Instruments’ DATAPAQ Food Tracker systems for in-process measurements and the industry-specific analysis software cover all temperature monitoring requirements in cook and chill processes.

Automatic functions include HACCP validation and multiple simultaneous food lethality calculations (F0/Pu value, D-value, chill rate Critical Control Point). The company’s innovative optimization tool predicts the effect of parameter changes on the process, significantly reducing setup times.

The modular systems are available with state-of-the-art six- or eight-channel data loggers which – depending on where the thermocouples are placed – record the development of foodstuff internal temperature, air temperature, and even humidity throughout the process.

The DATAPAQ MultiPaq21 loggers can manage eight consecutive measurement runs before data download to a computer. The systems can also be set up for data transmission via radio and real-time data export via OPC (Open Platform Communications).

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