Food grade pipework meets EC 1935/2004 and FDA requirements

Paul Boughton

The new Food Grade range from Jacob Pipework Systems meets the stringent requirements of the European EC 1935/2004 standard, as well as the American FDA food regulations.

The new range is a modular, stainless-steel pipework system with more than 3000 products. More than 1000 of the product components – from the steel parts through to adhesives and sealing materials – were replaced or redesigned where necessary. That made sure that all the parts of the Food Grade products that come into contact with food satisfy the stringent EU requirements of the EC 1935/2004 directive as well as the American FDA regulations regarding contact with food.

The adhesive-free heat sealed U-shaped seals not only ensure food grade conformity in compliance with EC 1953/2004 and the FDA requirements, but also have better temperature and tear resistance than conventional adhesive-bonded U-shaped seals.

All components that come into contact with food are made exclusively of stainless steel that meets the quality standard of V2A/1.4301. The use of adhesives is avoided as far as possible in the seals that are incorporated in some of the steel fittings. In situations where their use is unavoidable, we use only food-grade adhesives.

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