Food-grade aerosol lubricant provides benefits in food processing

Jon Lawson

Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched K Plex White Aerosol, a food-grade aerosol lubricant that protects surfaces from contamination and wear. The product is NSF H1 certified, meaning it is safe for use in and around food processing areas.

K Plex White is developed for parts such as hinges, exposed gears, chains, bearings and slides. The formulation of K Plex White allows the sprayed film to thicken after application so even hard-to-reach surfaces can benefit from effective lubrication.

The grease contains adhesive and cohesive polymers that allow it to reliably stay in place once applied, avoiding sling off and wash out. Shock load reducers minimise the impact of machine vibration and a unique formulation helps to keep the product viscous at high temperatures, maximising product life.

“Ineffective lubrication is a recurring problem in the food processing industry,” explained Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “The machinery used in food packing and processing facilities is prone to wear, which leads to breakages and an expensive loss of production. Due to the likelihood of incidental food contact, any lubricants used in these applications need to be effective and safe to use around food.

“One of the biggest difficulties that engineers will face is finding a formulation that does both. This is why we developed K Plex White in such a way that it can safely meet the demands of the sector, while also leaving a lasting layer of protection against wear.

“Many businesses use steam cleaning to remove food remnants from their machinery, which involves the use of high temperatures. K Plex White’s extended temperature range provides effective operation from -20˚C to 140˚C.”

K Plex White’s high heat tolerance comes from its additive composition. The aluminium complex base offers heat reversion characteristics - that allow the product to remain viscous at high temperatures - while the highly refined base oil provides additional heat protection and the addition of PTFE gives improved lubrication to applications.

Effective lubrication is an important factor in the successful maintenance of food manufacturing machinery. K Plex White is designed to deliver a lasting film that is easy to apply and can penetrate hard to reach areas, allowing maintenance engineers to combat most instances of metal-wear in their machinery.

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