Flow control with aseptic process adaptation

Jon Lawson

For flow monitoring of aqueous or oily fluids in hygienic applications, EGE presents its new STD flow controller with an aseptic Varivent F process adapter.

The thermal sensor is suitable for use in category 2 hazardous areas. It detects flow velocities between 1cm/s and 10cm/s in water and between 3cm/s and 200cm/s in oil. Depending on the temperature class of the explosive gas mix it is exposed to, it is suitable for ambient temperatures from -20°C to 85°C. The process adapter has an IP67 protection rating and withstands pressures up to 60 bar. The flow controller is connected to the SKZ analysis device via a PUR cable.

EGE has also launched new screw-in adapters that enable easy installation of its flow control systems ST 418, SNS, and SCS probes and compact sensors, which can now be simply plugged in, aligned and screwed tight. The adapter is screwed into a T-piece or a welding sleeve.

During installation, the plug connector and the LED display can be freely oriented. After that, the sensor is secured in the adapter using a union nut. The connection is reliably sealed up to 100 bar. Various screw-in adapter models that are optionally available allow for universal use of the flow sensors. Standard versions are supplied with a G¼ or G½ thread. The sensors operate according to the thermodynamic principle and are suitable for monitoring liquid flow rates up to 300cm/s.