Flow body and ultrasonic sensor

Jon Lawson

CeramTec has streamlined the design process for manufacturers of domestic and industrial water metering systems with the release of a new flow body component which features an in-built 2MHz ultrasonic sensor.

The manufacturer of advanced ceramic components identified an opportunity to deliver an simple solution targeting new entrants to the domestic utilities measurement market who wanted to develop products of their own.

The latest innovation sees CeramTec combine a flow body, manifold and spool piece to deliver a comprehensive solution from a single supplier.

By providing an all-in-one solution, CeramTec is enabling customers to access the market with greater ease than ever before, saving additional time and money during the initial stages of the flow tube design process, while eliminating the complication associated with managing additional component suppliers.

The sensors from CeramTec, which provide measurements based on the time of flight principle, have been designed with a particularly low zero flow offset, thereby offering increased accuracy for OEMs.

By offering the sensors at a frequency of 2MHz, CeramTec has been able to deliver a solution which strikes an effective balance between cost-efficiency and robust performance, which was made possible by a particular focus on the acoustic matching element of the design.