Floating with Straightpoint & Crosby shackle

Louise Smyth

In a novel project involving a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit, PT. Dalaz Teknik Utama used a 12t capacity Straightpoint Radiolink Plus (SP) load cell and a Crosby shackle of the same capacity to complete a series of tests during fabrication of a power generator module at a Wasco Energy fabrication yard in Indonesia.

How combining a Straightpoint Radiolink Plus and Crosby shackle helped overcome challenges

PT. Dalaz Teknik Utama overcame limited access and a tight time schedule to complete over 200 force measurement tasks primarily related to lifting equipment, padeyes and monorails. The mechanical handling test and certification-based scope of work were delivered to the project as an FPSO unit was prepared for work in the North Sea’s Kraken Oil Field.

Each component of the main engine had to be weighed, including the turbo-charger (3,575kg), air cooler (610kg), cylinder head (1,250kg), piston (255kg) and camshaft gear wheel (685kg). The wide-ranging project also included painting of monorails, padeyes and the engine room gantry crane, while all lifting equipment had to be marked with the safe working load (SWL).

PT. Dalaz Teknik Utama, which delivered thorough reports to the customer using SP’s latest technology, is a specialist provider of inspection and certification services, chiefly to the oil and gas market. Founded in 2014, it primarily focuses on lifting activities and non-destructive testing. Force measurement technologies are a key component of day-to-day activities.

Increased pressure for testing companies

Dovi Suprayetno, country manager at Siaptek Indonesia, an SP distributor, says: “The demands placed upon a testing company by the oil and gas sector are widespread. Not only do we have to deliver our work in a hazardous environment, but we’re often put under increased pressure by access offshore, confined spaces and generally fitting in with the scheduling of a fast-moving sector.”

Suprayetno explains that SP is pioneering continued progression away from mechanical dial scales, and that the latest ATEX/IECEx products are perfectly suited to applications in the oil and gas market. He states: “The Radiolink Plus boasts a separate internal sealed enclosure providing the load cell’s electronic components with IP67 environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing, making the dynamometer suitable for use in the harshest environments.” In this particular case, measurements were taken on a wireless Hand Held Plus unit.

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