Flexible options provide long-life tank solutions

Jon Lawson

With the advent of the new AMP6 TOTEX cost requirements taking precedence in assessing new tank and anaerobic digester installations for the Water Utility market, long service life and low maintenance are key factors in making purchasing decisions.

Lipp offers a range of different Digester models and specifications; the Universal Digester is an additional development for large industrial and municipal plants. Maximum life is the central focus for this container, with a stainless steel tank, using Lipp’s VERINOX composite stainless steel material, combined with a welded stainless steel diaphragm roof ensuring the highest quality for the inner part of the container. As a post-digester, the Universal Digester is also a solution for farming applications.

The Universal Digester, just like Lipp’s fully integrated KomBio Digester, enjoys the advantages of external heating, which, thanks to the good thermal conductivity of the steel wall, and the clear interior surface ensures uniform heating over the entire filled height of the tank. Good insulation of the container wall and roof construction minimises heat losses from the fermentation process. 

Flexible options in agitation and pumping technology are selected specifically for the required application, which permits using a wide range of substrate combinations with the Digester.

When combined with an external gas accumulator, the Universal Digester offers an excellent, long-lasting tank solution with a digester chamber volume of up to 5,000 m3. Built using Lipp’s automated double seam system, the flexible construction method and individual adaptability have been proven over hundreds of projects worldwide.



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