Flatness guaranteed

Paul Boughton

Laser Plus is a totally new generation of steels for laser cutting that comes with unique guarantees: maximum flatness deviation of 3mm/m after laser cutting and bending radius of 0-1.5 x the material thickness. These features make it possible to meet the most challenging requirements in automated production environments.

“The dead flat process gives optimum flatness and minimum internal stress, which allows us to guarantee a maximum deviation of 3mm/m after laser cutting Laser Plus. The flatness tests on Laser Plus show unique results. Strict thickness tolerances and constant mechanical properties for each and every delivery result in trouble-free production. In addition, the smooth surface quality of Laser Plus steel guarantees a higher cutting speed and first-class surface quality of the cut edge. Cutting complex and high precision components and narrow contours can be done without rework. This takes steels intended for laser cutting to a new dimension,” said Robert Wesdijk, product group manager, Hot Rolled Strip products, Western Europe, at SSAB.

The production process of Laser Plus steels results in a surface that is covered with a thin micro scale. This enables extremely efficient laser- water- and plasma cutting. The quality of the cut edge remains excellent, even up to a thickness of 30 mm. The cold forming properties of Laser Plus steels are excellent and SSAB guarantees inner bending radius of 0-1.5 x the material thickness, depending on strength level in combination with thickness.

Laser Plus steels are now available both as heavy plates and hot-rolled strip products. SSAB claims it is the new standard for demanding applications in, for instance, mechanical engineering and construction, as well as in the automotive and electronics industries.