Flame-resistant fabric launched

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DuPont has launched a new, flame-resistant (FR) fabric with a bio-based chemical-repellent finish that makes protective clothing more sustainable and helps optimize worker safety. DuPont Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology delivers best-in-class flame resistance and chemical protection while addressing growing environmental concerns about personal protective equipment (PPE).

The new fabric protects workers facing multiple hazards across industries such as oil and gas and chemical manufacturing. Its built-in flame-resistant protection helps the fabric maintain structural integrity and flexibility after exposure to flame, providing continued protection and mobility needed to escape. The fabric also delivers optimal protection against liquid chemicals (according to EN 13034), arc flash, extreme heat, and static electricity.

With its multi-hazard protection, DuPont Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology takes the sustainability of PPE to the next level. The fabric’s chemical-repellent finish is made from over 50% bio-based materials and is not based on fluorine chemistry.

Additionally, DuPont’s fabric is highly durable, thanks to its inherent FR protection that cannot be washed or worn away. Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology continues to maintain its performance in accordance with the initial requirements of  EN 13034, EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-5, and EN/IEC 61482-2 even after 50 cleaning cycles per ISO 6330. Its chemical repellent properties can withstand 100 washing and 20 drying cycles (according to the Domestics Wash ISO 6330 standard, 60°C, for specific chemicals).  DuPont Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology is also resistant to tears and abrasion. These characteristics increase the long-lasting wear life of the fabric decreasing the need for frequent replacements, which also helps to decrease waste.

“We are committed to improving the sustainability of our PPE solutions while constantly deliver industry-leading protection,” said Christine Christmas, Thermal Protective Apparel, global marketing leader at DuPont. “DuPont Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology demonstrates how we can help reduce the environmental impact of PPE without compromising on worker safety.”

The fabric helps to improve workers' comfort while on-the-job. It is light, weighing only 204 g/m2 (6.0 oz/yd2). It is also available in 224 g/m2 (6.6 oz/yd2).

DuPont Nomex Comfort with EcoForce technology, like all other Nomex fabric solutions, complies with international industry standards, including Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-5, EN/IEC 61482-2 (ELIM/APC/ATPV), EN 13034 (ISO 16602 (Type 6)) and NFPA 2112.

The new fabric is available in four colours (navy, royal blue, red, and orange), giving companies in oil and gas and chemical manufacturing more choice.

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