Flame detector offers superior protection in most hazardous environments

Paul Boughton

The United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) includes some of the world’s most challenging and hostile working environments for oil and gas extraction.

The maturing and ageing nature of offshore installations in the UKCS present particular and increasing challenges to the delivery of high standards of safety and protection.

Safety culture remains top priority for the Health Safety Executive’s Offshore Division, with employers increasingly concerned that essential safety equipment is in place, enabling employees to carry out work safely and to a high standard offshore.

In response to this increasing demand for safety, Draeger Safety UK has launched the new Dräger Flame 3000, a highly advanced explosion-proof image processing flame detector. Designed for standalone operation or integration into a control system, it offers a reliable solution to flame detection, as well as a high level of false alarm immunity.

The oil and gas industry encompasses a wide array of diverse processes and applications and as a result the Flame 3000 can work alongside Dräger’s entire range of flame detection equipment, to create a bespoke solution for every client. This tailored approach is driven by the application, including substance, surrounding environment and processes, fire type (hydrocarbon or non-hydrocarbon) and size.

The state-of-the-art Flame 3000 and the existing Flame 5000 are suitable for use in hazardous environments since the sensitivity is not affected by reflections, in particular that of the flare.

Impervious to CO2 emissions along with hot gases and equipment, the flame detection system has hot body immunity, allowing it to be installed in any industrial situation where a potential fire source exists.

Chris Baldwin, Product Manager, Draeger Fire & Gas Systems, said: “In the oil and gas industry there is no room for error and our flame detection solutions are designed to mitigate against false alarms, with sophisticated technology that warns you only when there is a real incident to deal with, saving precious time and money.

“Our new Flame 3000 can work in conjunction with existing control systems or fire panelling, able to activate deluge systems, beacons and sounders.

“The effects of fire in the workplace can be devastating and we know the importance of creating peace of mind for workers in hazardous industries, which is why our advanced fire detection systems are designed in this way.”

Chris continued: “The system is able to utilise advanced technology combining digital signal processing with software algorithms to process and interpret the characteristics of flame. Significantly, the Flame 3000 has a strong resilience to objects found in many industrial environments that omit background heat, making it an essential piece of equipment for the oil and gas industry.”

Dräger Fire and Gas Detection Systems offer products, services and system solutions for all encompassing toxic, flammable and oxygen detection, flame detection and design, build, commission and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems for protection of personnel and assets.

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