Five considerations when investing in a hauler

Siobhan Doyle

Looking to invest in an articulated hauler? Choosing the right truck can lead to increased productivity, more uptime, and a safer working environment

Articulated haulers play a vital role in quarry and mining operations, providing efficient transportation of heavy loads across rugged terrain and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. However, before purchasing one, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure it meets specific needs and operational requirements. Scottish hauler manufacturer Rokbak highlights five key considerations for mining operators.

1  Capacity and load hauling

Mining and quarry operators must evaluate the typical load capacity and weight to ensure that the selected equipment can meet the demands of their specific application. Considering the type and size of material being handled allows for the correct specification of the truck’s load-carrying body, ensuring optimal payload, load retention, and durability. Popular body options include side extensions for lighter materials, tailgates for free-flowing material retention, and additional liner plates for highly abrasive or large blasted rocks. Matching the hauler to existing complementary equipment enhances onsite efficiencies and safety.

2  Terrain and site conditions

Articulated haulers are engineered to tackle rugged terrain, yet their performance can differ based on numerous factors. Evaluating the application, climate, materials, and site topography, including slope gradients, ground conditions, and obstacles, is essential. Selecting a hauler tailored to the site’s conditions ensures optimal efficiency and safety.

3  Fuel efficiency and operating costs

When investing in heavy equipment, operating costs such as fuel consumption and maintenance are crucial considerations. Efficiency in power usage is paramount, alongside truck performance. A fuel-efficient engine and responsive transmission control enhance fuel economy, reduce environmental impact, and extend service intervals. A balanced drivetrain ensures productivity across hauling conditions while meeting emission standards economically.

Rokbak trucks feature advanced retardation systems for enhanced machine control, boosting efficiency and minimising wear with shorter cycle times. Strong after-sales support and spare parts availability are vital for maximising uptime and minimising operating costs over the equipment’s lifespan.

4  Operator comfort and safety

Ensuring the safety and comfort of operators is paramount in heavy equipment operations. Ergonomic design, excellent visibility, and cabin quality create a comfortable and secure workspace, enhancing productivity and fostering employee satisfaction and retention. Additionally, features such as planetary gear transmission and advanced safety systems contribute to operator comfort and a secure working environment.

5  Connectivity

Modern articulated haulers often come equipped with advanced technology and telematics solutions. These functionalities offer valuable data on machine performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance requirements, empowering owners to optimise operating costs. For example, Rokbak’s hauler models such as the RA30 and RA40 are integrated with its Haul Track telematics system, affording customers full oversight and operational control, facilitating efficient fleet monitoring and management by operators.

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