Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd

UK sales and service centre, part of the Helmut Fischer Group

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd was formed in 1968 and in 1988 relocated to a purpose built facility in Lymington, Hampshire.  Fischer Instrumentation (GB) is part of the Fischer Group, founded in 1953 by Helmut Fischer, and today it continues as the leading technology specialist in solutions for coating thickness measurement, microhardness and material testing. The Group maintains strong values of innovation, quality of product and service and collaboration with other industry leaders and scientists to deliver the best quality solution and maximum level of process control.

Instrument applications

The applications of these instruments are incredibly diverse across industry, research and science, ranging from the automotive and aerospace industries to the specialist needs of industries concerned with corrosion protection. Gold Assaying and meeting the needs of the Royal Mint are other specialist areas.

German built instruments are synonymous with quality and longevity and the Fischer Group deliver many optimal solutions using a combination of instruments, all developed to increase versatility and offer practical, time saving solutions.

Measurement of the thickness of corrosion protection coatings is made according to international standards IMO PSPC and SSPC-PA2 using the MP0R and MP0R-FP pocket sized gauges and the FMP series of handhelds to deliver a higher degree of sophistication, even in harsh environments. The measurement of thin duplex coatings (paint/zinc on steel or iron) canbe made using the PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX.

Coating analysis on structures such as ships generates a large number of measurement data and their evaluation is very complex. Using the software FISCHER DataCentre, reports can be generated from the measurement dataautomatically, immediately following the measurement procedure.

Coating thickness measurement on hot dip galvanized steel structures with Zn coatings of at least 70 µm and an additional paint coating can be made using the DUALSCOPE® instruments of the FMP series, measuring the Zn coating and the paint coating in one measurement step and displaying both coating thicknesses separately.

Paint and powder coatings

The PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX hand held allows measurements of paint and EPS coatings simultaneously while the FISCERSCOPE® HM2000 hardness testing system provides hardness, creep and elasticity measurements of automotive coatings.  The FMP handheld family, with its extensive variety of specialised probes and innovative DataCentre IP software employing individual inspection plans, makes coating measurement fast,easy and precise.

Local (UK) sales and support service

From its base in the New Forest, and now in Warrington, Cheshire, Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd covers the whole of Great Britain and Ireland. The new office in Warrington also offers technical sales and service including education and training. In addition to on-site support including set-upmaintenance and calibration, Fischer also provide remote support which significantly reduces response time. Product and service quality are equally important and Fischer has held ISO 9001:2008 qualified since 1994.

Thought leaders

Fischer’s ethos is to work together with industry, universities and research institutes to continually evolve new and revised products for tomorrow’s market.  Global customers present increasing sophisticated challenges and demanding measurement applications and Fischer has maintained that their commitment to innovation combined with their responsiveness on a local level, makes them the undisputed global leader in their field. 


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