Fire-protection panels feature new epoxy resin coating

Paul Boughton

BASF has developed a new epoxy resin which improves the properties of the Palusol fire-protection panels. The epoxy resin is set to be used in Palusol production from 2016.

The new generation of Palusol fire-protection panels delivers a greater protective effect thanks to improved barrier properties. These include higher thermal resilience and lower permeability to water vapour and carbon dioxide substances which would change the chemical composition of the panels and prevent them from expanding and thus have an adverse effect on their resistance to heat.

The viscosity of the new epoxy resin coating is also lower, which means that the coating that is applied in production is spread more evenly on the Palusol panel.

In addition, the new coating dries faster on the foam compared to the conventional type of coating. The primary aim of complying with the requirements of the REACH European chemicals regulation is met by the new generation of fire-protection panels.