Fine Tubes and Superior Tube

High Performance Alloy Tubing for Critical Oil and Gas Applications

Leading precision tube manufacturers Fine Tubes (UK) and Superior Tube (US) develop high quality, advanced alloy tubing solutions for the most demanding oil and gas applications.

High Performance Alloys
Both businesses specialize in manufacturing high performance tubing in a range of corrosion-resistant alloys including NORSOK-approved 6 Moly and Super Duplex, nickel alloys including grades 825 and 625, and titanium.

Extended Operational Life
Our high corrosion-resistant tubes rated up to 60,000psi operating pressure offer excellent product life, reduced downtime and maintenance costs making them ideal for applications demanding long in-service life in hostile environments.

Critial Oil & Gas Applications
Seamless, welded or welded and redrawn (Weldrawn®) tubing is produced in straight lengths up to 65 ft. (20 m) and coils up to 45,000 ft. (13,500 m) long for:

  • Downhole, hydraulic and chemical injection control lines

  • Control lines in subsea umbilicals

  • Instrumentation

  • Downhole gauge cables

  • Pressure Housings

Major Oil & Gas Projects
Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have supplied specialist tubing for major oil fields in the North Sea as well as projects in Nigeria, Australia, Brazil and the Middle East.

Global Presence
With tube mills based in the United Kingdom and United States, the organisation has sales offices in Germany, France, India and Taiwan as well as an extensive network of partners in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We deliver high precision tubing to customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

Fine Tubes and Superior Tube are part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, a division of AMETEK, Inc.


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