Field wireless devices conform to ISA100.11a standard

Paul Boughton

Yokogawa Electric Corporation claims that it has developed the world's first field wireless devices based on the ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standard; they will be available in July 2010. These wireless products include an EJX-L series differential pressure and pressure transmitter, a YTA series temperature transmitter, and an integrated field wireless gateway that connects field wireless devices with a host system and provides a number of field wireless network setting and management functions in field sensor networks.
According to Yokogawa, these field wireless devices will satisfy a wide variety of requirements in the industrial automation field. To help companies achieve ever higher levels of productivity, Yokogawa will continue to develop various kinds of field wireless devices for both monitoring and control applications, and is also proposing the development of new field digital networks that integrate wireless and wired technologies.
Approved in September 2009, the ISA 100.11a standard presents the following advantages for use in industrial automation: high reliability; suitability for a wide range of applications; improved flexibility and network expandability; and high compatibility with existing wired systems
Following approval by ISA and ANSI, this standard will be published and submitted for the review of the IEC SC65C subcommittee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
The new field wireless devices based on the ISA 100.11a standard complement Yokogawa's existing measurement, control, and information products and systems, and are expected to make a significant contribution to the realisation of the company's Vigilantplant concept. Yokogawa says this new technology will help its customers "See clearly, know in advance, and act with agility."
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