Fibre-optic measurement in every rotor blade

Louise Smyth

Scaling enables fiber-optic measurement in every rotor blade - fos4X introduces the new generation of measuring devices - the Blackbird OECD - into the fos4Blade sensor platform. Thus, a significant increase in the number of units is achieved while increasing the range of functions.

The Blackbird OECD (opto electronic converter device) is a fibre-optic measuring device was developed especially for use in the hub of wind turbines and therefore forms the heart of the fos4Blade sensor platform.

The advantages of the new generation are:

  • cost effective - cheaper than conventional electrical sensors
  • optimally adapted to the requirements of wind power
  • same form factor for up to 5 measuring channels per rotor blade
  • Integrated signal preprocessing including sensor data fusion
  • Open interfaces (fieldbuses and OPC-UA)

"The Blackbird simplifies the necessary scaling of our production. We are now able to produce very large quantities and be even more cost competitive. This brings us a big step closer to our goal of integrating fibre-optic sensors into every new rotor blade."Says Dr. Lars Hoffmann, CEO of fos4X.

The fos4Blade sensor platform is designed to be the new standard for rotor blade sensing. It consists of several fibre optic strain sensors and fibre optic vibration sensors per rotor blade, as well as the fibre optic measuring device Blackbird OECD.

The sensors are monitored by the measurement device. The fibre-optic measured variables are finally translated by the Blade Physics Library into easy-to-use parameters of the rotor and are provided by fieldbus or IIoT interfaces.

Due to the higher computing power of the measuring device, important calculations for the optimization of wind turbines or wind farms can be calculated directly in the measuring device in the future.

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