Femap 10 cuts analysis times by 97 per cent

Paul Boughton

Siemens PLM Software is now shipping Femap Version 10 software to customers worldwide. Femap is a PC-based CAE modelling package and the finite element analysis (FEA) component of the Velocity Series portfolio. According to Siemens, the latest release helps users create FEA models from CAD data easily and quickly through new meshing features.

Femap V10 provides the following pre- and post-processing benefits to CAE analysts:

* Create accurate models more efficiently: Since FE meshing is central to the whole simulation process, Femap V10 introduces new meshers. The latest release automates current meshing technology while adding new interactive meshing with live model and element checking functionality. New remeshing and mesh quality functionality is now centralised within the user interface. This improves workflows and makes it easier to consistently and accurately produce CAE models for analysis.

* Mesh shell models faster: A new mid-surfacing method simplifies and speeds shell model creation for sheet metal structures.

* Create larger models: Femap is integrated with NX Nastran and both support 64-bit Windows. This enables more access to random access memory (RAM) for pre-processing and solving much larger multi-million node models.

* Work more closely with the solver: V10 provides strengthened NX Nastran solver integration support, including axisymmetric quad and tria elements, new weld and fastener extensions, linear and glued contact extensions.

RPC Technologies Australia was able to use these enhanced features to make significant reductions in the time required for analysis. Mark Harrison, design office manager, states: "On a 1.45million degrees-of-freedom analysis, we cut analysis time from 2.5 hours to just 4.5 minutes. We knew that the 64-bit version would be better, but we are still amazed about a 97 per cent savings."

For more information, visit www.siemens.com/plm/femap

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