Fastest in-circuit-programmer

Louise Smyth

SEGGER announces in-circuit-programming support for the XMC1000 microcontroller family of Infineon Technologies AG.

Production of XMC1000 microcontrollers now benefits from the fast flash programming algorithms developed by SEGGER.

Small series and mass production environments benefit from the reliability and performance of SEGGER’s in-circuit-programming solution.

SEGGER’s production programmers are designed with multiple interfaces, making them easy to integrate into any production environment.

In mass production environments, ATE or other production control units can easily access the Flasher for programming including serial numbers and patch data.

Small series can be programmed connecting a standard PC to the Flasher programmer or even a simple button press on the Flasher.

Traditional production programmers often support only UART boot modes.

Depending on the boot configuration of a XMC1000 microcontroller SEGGER’s programmers automatically adapt to either UART mode or debug mode and hence provide the best flexibility to fast and efficiently program XMC1000 microcontrollers.