Fast switching four-channel transistor photocouplers

Jon Lawson

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded the line-up of its low input current transistor photocouplers with a pair of 4-channel versions, the TLP292-4 and TLP293-4. They are suitable for operation in a wide temperature range from -55 to +125˚C and can be used for a variety of high-density surface mount applications including programmable logic controllers (PLC), switching power supplies and simplex or multiplex data transmissions.

These new photocouplers are housed in SO16 packages measuring just 10.3mm x 7.0mm x 2.1mm, that provide the space saving requirements needed for ever thinner and more compact finished products. Both are comprised of phototransistors optically coupled to Toshiba’s latest long life InGaAs infrared light emitting diodes. The TLP292-4 can operate directly by AC input current, while TLP293-4 is the DC input version.

The TLP293-4 and the TLP292-4 guarantee stable and linear current transfer ratio and support CTR ranks measured at low input current If of just 0.5mA. When utilised at low LED currents, these products can significantly contribute to a reduction in power consumption. They also meet all major safety standards like UL, cUL, CQC and VDE.