Fast Response & Accurate Analyzers for Dynamic Blending

Jon Lawson

Controlling the production of specialty gases, a fast responding and high-resolution measurement system is required. This application demands a flexible design, adaptable to changing sample gas conditions, which will provide the basis for a high-quality product.

ECO PHYSICS continuously develops state-of-the-art NO/NO2/ NOX and NH3 analyzers. From low ppt level analyzers for atmospheric research to ambient air monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, combustion research and testing exhaust gases containing up to 10,000ppm NOx, ECO PHYSICS has a solution for almost every possible NO and NOx application. The next generation of chemiluminescence analyzers is consisting of intelligent modules, each equipped with an own PCB and linked to the main frame by BUS-communication. The touch panel in front allows an intuitive operation of the unit. The multiple digital and analog output options enable easy integration into existing systems, as well as a remote operation and diagnosis of the instrument. Furthermore, the modular design offers tailor made solutions according to the clients request and beyond the standardized chemiluminescence analyzer: for instance a dual sample inlet, two parallel gas flow streams with heated sample lines, two reaction chambers with specialized metal converters, an internal pump and pressure regulation…just to mention a few.

ECO PHYSICS dual channel dual PMT analyzers are unique in that there are essentially two analyzers inside one box. The dual reaction chambers and dual PMT detectors allow for simultaneous measurement of NO and NOx, and in combination with the high sensitivity PMT and firmware it makes the ECO PHYSICS NOx analyzers extremely fast response and ideal for applications requiring extremely fast response, e.g. measurements done from a car or aircraft moving at high speeds, liquid NO measurements, roadside Monitoring, gas blending applications etc. Due to the fast response, accuracy and fast stabilization, gas manufacturers use ECO PHYSICS’ dual channel dual PMT NOx analyzers for quality assurance and gas blending applications. In a gas blending station dozens of cylinders of certified, primary, NIST traceable and EPA protocol standards are filled at a given time. A side stream of the blend is redirected to the ECO PHSYICS NOx analyzer to monitor the concentration stability of gas as the cylinders are filled.



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