Fast-cure PU polyurethane

Paul Boughton

Huntsman’s new polyurethane (PU) resin system cures extremely quickly and allows the production of high heat stable modelling, tooling and rapid prototyping boards.

The availability for the first time of an effective, high temperature stable polyurethane will open up a world of new opportunities in a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, marine and shipbuilding.

With a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 200˚C and higher, the new generation VITROX EST system offers product designers, tooling manufacturers and mould-makers a viable polyurethane alternative to other thermoset-based tooling products – with a number of additional advantages.

The fast cure features of Huntsman’s VITROX EST system make it possible to significantly reduce demoulding and manufacturing cycle times. This can help manufacturers increase productivity, reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions. The VITROX EST system can also be precisely formulated to suit specific requirements – offering added flexibility and broadening scope for innovation.

VITROX EST system’s high Tg properties mean a constant coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) from room temperature to 200˚C is achievable. This enables the creation of products and tooling boards with improved long-term stability when exposed to high temperatures. Products and tooling boards made with the VITROX EST system also demonstrate better impact resistance and a good machinability.

Processing benefits include a long, tunable pot life (5-20 minutes) and a low viscosity. Furthermore, the system is processable on low pressure casting machines.