Fast and dynamic industrial 3D plant design

Paul Boughton

Version 5.2 of the MPDS4 2D/3D factory layout and 3D plant design software includes new P&ID functionality, dynamic routing and component moving tools, parametric component selection and placement enhancements, and a new 3D DWG plant export option.

MPDS4’s catalogue-driven design approach saves huge amounts of time compared to regular MCAD 3D modelling techniques, both during the pre-sales and detailed design stages of industrial projects.  

New in MPDS4:  

P&ID Enhancements. The latest P&ID module offers a new configuration tool for administering symbol libraries and attributes, as well as element selection enhancements.

Dynamic Piping, Duct and Conveyor Design. Version 5.2 introduces new functionality for fast and intuitive routing of pipes, ducts and conveyors, dynamic design editing, and intuitively moving components in assemblies via grab handles and new sliding functionality.

Parametric Component Selection and Loading. The Parametric Equipment Library offers new selection, editing, loading and intelligent component positioning functionality.  

3D DWG and AutoCAD Support. There are new flexible 3D data exchange and colour mapping options, including bi-directional 3D DWG conversion of model files, as well as the option to export an entire plant, or parts thereof, to the 3D DWG format. The CADConvert interface now supports the AutoCAD file format from AutoCAD R. 12 through AutoCAD 2013.

Data Exchange and Data Management. MPDS4 has extensive data import/export capabilities (2D: DXF, DWG, 3D: DWG, STEP, IGES, STL, COLLADA™ (Google Earth), VRML, VDA-FS) enabling users to obtain and share drawings and models with customers and suppliers. A new Windchill PDMLink Workgroup Manager for MEDUSA4 is now available, and this release sees many enhancements to the many PDM/PLM integrations developed by CAD Schroer.

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