Fanless and robust micro PC for vehicles

Paul Boughton

The NUVO 3100VTC is a specialised embedded system which was specifically developed for operation in vehicles and has been certified.

Acceed says the compact fanless system can be adapted to the requirements of various different installation locations by configuring its CPU performance. The core i7-3610QE and the core i5-3610ME basic components from Intel are optionally available.

The housing - 210 x 165 x 59mm - has four GBit PoE interfaces with 25.5W output. Furthermore, the chassis accommodates a large number of communication interfaces such as USB 3.0, COM ports, mini PCIes and digital inputs and outputs. The NUVO 3100VTC is specifically certified for use in vehicles and has the ECE mark of conformity.

Two versions with the core i7-3610QE or the core i5-3610ME from Intel are optionally available as basic hardware. Three independent monitor outputs (VGA/DVI) provide top flexibility for the use of graphic interfaces with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Two 2.5-in SATA connections (one with a hot-swap HDD mounting shaft) ensure connection to a wide range of storage solutions. With this equipment, completed with the microphone and loudspeaker connection, the system is for example suitable for application as a mobile video recorder (DVR).

One special feature of the NUVO-3100VTC is the configuration of the CPU output which also permits use at installation locations which do not allow optimum ventilation as required. Depending on the surrounding conditions, users can configure the system for top output, reduced output or for operation within the extended temperature range from 25 to +70°C. 

Vibration and impact resistance correspond to both the permissible relative humidity of 10 to 90% and the more stringent requirements for mobile use. The wide range for the power supply from 8 to 35 V direct current is designed especially for flexible use in vehicles with 12 or 24 V wiring system voltage. 

The system operation can be linked to the vehicle’s ignition via Ignition Power Control and be configured in a variety of manners.