Expanded range of power rectifiers

Paul Boughton

Jacquet Weston Engineering has enhanced the range of converters and electronic power rectifiers that it makes available to customers as part of its specialist surface finishing equipment capability. The company is now introducing new energy-efficient solid-state units from Giussani, broadening its ability to fulfil precise customer requirements in this key area of the finishing industry.

“We have a long-standing agreement with Italian manufacturer Giussani, acting as UK distributor for the company,” explained Nick Weston, director at Jacquet Weston Engineering. “The manufacturer has an international reputation, not only for the design and performance capability of its electrical converting equipment, but also for the breadth of its range, enabling each installation to benefit from its technology in the most effective way possible. The addition now of this new equipment to the Giussani stable is therefore significant and we are delighted to be able to make these latest units available to our customers throughout the UK.”

The latest rectifiers are designed to reduce a three-phase input supply from 415 volts to as little as 12 volts depending upon the plating application – a wide range of processes from chrome, silver and gold plating to copper, zinc and printed circuit board plating can all be accommodated. With the solid-state design typically 20% more efficient than alternative methods, the new units provide the user with significant power saving with their dimensions also such that they can be more easily incorporated into a given process system. “Importantly, each of the units in the Giussani range can also be retro-fitted to any finishing line,” added Weston.   

 The new solid-state units are supplied complete with a digital controller and a graphic display, and benefit from IP21 protection. A range of optional equipment can also be specified including a remote control box, digital ramp programmer, dosing pump and end of cycle alarm.