Ever dreamed of driving your Tamiya RC car as a kid?

Jon Lawson

If you had a radio controlled car as a kid you may have wondered if it would be fun to have the thing bigger and drive it yourself. 

Now, The Little Car Company has acquired a licence from Tamiya to build a scaled up version of the Wild One, launched in 1985. 

It’s rear wheel drive and around 3.5m long (137.8”), 1.8m (70.8”) wide and weighs around 250kg (551lbs). And the best bit is that like all good RC kits, you can build it yourself at home. In stock form, it comes with a top speed of 48km/h (30mph) and a peak power output of 4kW (5.5 bhp). It has a single power pack onboard with a capacity of 2kWh and a range of up to 40km (25 miles), depending on terrain and driving style. Modular power packs are also offered to increase performance, and other goodies like racing harnesses are also optional. In addition there will also be complete ‘Packs’ which can be added, like a Tarmac Pack which will provide road-biased tyres and mudguards. Owners can even add items like indicators and license plates to make them road-legal, where the appropriate legislation allows, such as with L6e or L7e Quadricycle laws in Europe, or Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle legislation in the USA.

Ben Hedley, CEO, The Little Car Company said, “As a child of the 80s, developing an almost full-size Tamiya model which you can actually drive, is a dream come true. We are honoured to be working with the Tamiya team on the project to bring one of their most iconic models to life for a new generation. Because it is still early days in the project, we have the opportunity to include the feedback and feature suggestions from the legions of Tamiya fans out there. We encourage anyone with imaginative ideas and feedback around the engineering of the project to sign up to the newsletter. We can’t wait to get these on, and off, the road in 2022!”

The firm estimate prices starting at £6,000/€7000/US$8,250 plus any local taxes.

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