Ethernet switch connects automation and office networks

Paul Boughton

Siemens has now added the Scalance XR526-8C to its portfolio of Ethernet switches of the XR-500 product line.

The device is compatible to a number of different network components and acts as a link between automation and office networks.

Although it comes equipped with 24 Gigabit ports, two 10-Gigabit ports and integrated network sections, the switch has a low installation height of only 44mm and thus saves space in the control cabinet. Two additional SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) slots for 10Gbps ensure high device performance of up to 44Gbps.

High availability can be realized by the fan-free design and the redundant power supply. The partially modular switch for 19-inch racks supports Layer 3 switching via the Key-Plug and can be flexibly installed in high-performance plant networks. Users can integrate the switch into all standard network management systems (eg, Sinema Server) and the TIA Portal for easy configuration and diagnostics.

Various different media can be connected to the Scalance XR526-8C thanks to its eight combo ports, plug-in transceivers and the link aggregation option. The switch is compatible to all Scalance X switches and all typical network devices in an office environment.

The new switch supplements the models Scalance XR524-8C, Scalance XR528-6M and Scalance XR552-12M. The Scalance XR-500 product line includes fully and partially modular high-performance Ethernet switches for the configuration of electrical and optical line, ring and star topologies. The switches handle the communication networking of plant sections as well as distributed field devices and ensure high plant availability.