Ethernet - the future of measurement technology

Paul Boughton

Micro-Epsilon has launched a wide range of Ether-/EtherCAT applicable measurement technology. Amongst other new products were eddy current, capacitive and confocal measurement systems, laser profile scanners and laser triangulation sensors, inline colour measurement systems and universal controllers for up to six sensors.
Ethernet network technology is defined by its high reliability, high data transmission rates, easy integration with existing networks and low hardware costs. Particularly, for this measurement technology an open Ethernet interface enables easy sensor integration to existing systems; less wiring is required. The measurement data can be evaluated independent of the location, remote maintenance can be performed on a global basis.
The Ethernet star topology can be replaced by EtherCAT using a simple line structure. Particularly for automation technology, EtherCAT is often applied as real-time Ethernet fieldbus. EtherCAT is unique due to its high performance, reduced wiring and because it can be applied to other fieldbus protocols. Micro-Epsilon focuses on these advantages and will therefore be launching further Ethernet and EtherCAT compliant measurement systems.
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MICRO-EPSILON Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is based in Ortenburg, Germany.

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